Lower School

The Lower School curriculum and structure are responsive to the developmental stages in the lives of children. Experiences are engaging, meaningful, challenging, captivating, and exciting. The classroom environments add to the students' ability to take risks, ask questions, and think critically.

*Serves as a center for language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, world languages, art, dance and movement, physical education, library and computer skills for first grade to fourth grade.*

Middle School

The Middle School is designed to prepare the future generation to deal with the unknown. We encourage independent thought and individual expression, we foster independence and interdependence, recognize the unique educational needs of emerging adolescents, and meet the special emotional needs of this age group.

*Serves as a center for English literature, composition, social studies, world languages, mathematics, computer study, science, fine arts, physical education and interscholastic sports for fifth grade to eighth grade.*

Upper School

The Upper School, whether our brick and mortar or virtual program, is a place where the ideas and feelings of students are important to the adults in their lives; thus, resulting in an environment where students are free to take educational risks, participate in decision making, understand and take control over their learning process, and define ethical and moral issues. 

*Serves as a center for core classes, electives, independent studies, internships, and mentorships to prepare students for life after high school for ninth to twelfth grade.*

Ann Arbor Learning Community


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An independent charter school Kindergarten through Grade 12.

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